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D o u s e

Currently we have a violent storm ravaging Sydney. It wasn’t a morning for photography as I couldn’t even see across the bay. The wind must be 35 knots plus…junk is strewn down our street and I think a wettie blew off the balcony. Today is a day for indoors, a day for work.

Here is a selection of pics shot last week that didn’t make it onto the site. The b-sides. We’ve been so lucky lately. Friday is still looking very, very big.

:: Uge

PS – In one of the many parenting manuals I’m sure there is a chapter on ‘Never post photographs of your newborn son to 40,000 readers’. Yes, I’m a bad parent – so meet little Jet, 3 months old and ready to rip. How could you say no to those eyes? (promise you won’t see another baby photo of him for at least a year now – hopefully he’ll be surfing the shorey by then).

Fluffy plumes


Taking the easy way 'round

Blurry sets

Morning escape

Those eyes...Baby Jet 3 mths old

22 thoughts on “D o u s e

  1. “Taking the easy way ’round”

    anyone who jumped in from the rocks last week will tell you that it wasn’t easy.. easier than the beach, sure, but timing was everything and even some locals were quickly deposited back on the beach if a set arrived while paddling out.. fun to watch.

  2. normally don’t get much out of baby pics (except my own kids) but Jet’s a stand out! Have lot’s of fun.
    Pics are really great the way you’ve treated them, will look at buying & love your morning emails….

  3. Thanks everyone for their comments. ONe day you’ll meet little JET down the beach. I’m hoping he’ll be carrying my camera bag and working in the gallery soon! Ok, give him a few years. (yes, I’m half chinese and all for child labour – kiddin). uge

  4. Thank you for these great images and reminders of just how amazing the Australian Coast is! After 5 years living in the Middle East (from Burleigh, Qld) and dealing with harsh desert climate and soo much sand – your images bring a smile to my face every morning. Congrats on your precious little bundle, he will bring you so much joy!

  5. What a great picture of the little guy! My unsolicited advice is… take as many pictures as you can mate because he is only going to get bigger every morning,

    and then one day before you know it he will be breaking all your boards.

  6. My kids get trashed all over my blog too Uge, I’m a bad parent too! just wish I could make money from them!

  7. I weally weally wanna see more of baby bumps, he is so darn georgous, I reckon you’ll get some fabulous shots teachin him to swim 🙂
    mBe start a site “aQua Jet”

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