Jono Arnold, twin pipes this morning

Twin Pipes

Was kinda a text book Aquabumps Bondi morning. Kicked off with a subtle sunrise, few clouds lighting up. Then the left bank put on some small 2 foot sets – they looked enticing in the morning light. It was nice and glassy, the air was warm and plenty of people up early doing their ‘before the work thing’. Then around 8am I saw Professor Jonathan Arnold score 2 tubes on the 1 wave. Yes, the double up. Don’t see that every day at Bondi. Now you’ll have to wait another 10 years until it happens again.

It’s going to rain soon. Big time. It’s going to rain for days and blow onshore. Bring the washing in. Thursday and Friday look to be almighty big (12ft). Unfortunately a 30 knot southerly winds will flank – so finding good, rideable waves will be for those that drive far and wide.

Billabong J-Bay has been running. Slater has gone missing in action after scoring 20 foot bombs in Fiji…

Good bye :: uge

Luke Kennedy, Green Wall

Tuesday morning tones

Swell lines

Luke Kennedy tube hunting

Jungle roundies

Professor Arnold throwing heat in the morning light

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