Mick Marjanovic throwing the bucket out

Good Times

Good times out there today…gentle offshore…sunshine…3-4 footers. Perfect conditions for many places today. It’s even a tad bigger than yesterday. The good news is that even if you can’t get out there today don’t stress – there’s waves pretty much all the way to the weekend. The banks are finely tuned as well…

Johannes Leak

Blank white boards are boring. I remember a time when every board had something on them. Johannes Leak is a local talented Bondi artist and surfer. His boards aren’t boring. This Friday night (29th July, 7pm) at the upstairs Beach Road hotel he’s showing his SURFACE exhibition – 12 boards, individually illustrated with celebrities faces. All these hand illustrated boards are for sale. So if you rather be riding a Kate Moss in the line-up – now is your chance.

Adios :: ugios

Johannes Leak and part of his board exhibition

Jono Arnold, threading the needle

Very loud birds

Mick Marjanovic

Tim Okkerse throwing the heat out

Clear skys, winter warmth

9 thoughts on “Good Times

  1. Very loud birds,
    I’m reminded of a conversation I overheard at a breakfast cafe in Canberra (where there are lots of “very loud birds”) between a couple of American “Consultants”. The birds early morning chorus had woken one up that morning and he exclaimed “they’re not birds-they’re teradactyles”. For me the name has stuck.

  2. Morning from the cloudy city of London, your pictures light up my day, I can dream I’m ou there, just sat in the office!!

    I was wondering if Johannes Leak would share his paint boarding technique, as I’ve attempted to paint my board with spray paints, now its pealing off….can you let me know your secrets?? 😛

  3. Hi Lucy.
    Sure. Permanent markers! They work great, colours are intense/transparent. You have to make sure you spray seal them though. I use a clear acrylic spray.
    Thanks for the interest and thanks for the chance to show the work, Uge!

  4. Thanks Johannes……..Your boards are very impressive.!!..I think I’ll have to practice a bit before taking the permanent markers to my board….or to anyone elses : P!..hope to see more of your work soon!

  5. Johannes. Just whiled away a thoroughly pleasurable hour clicking through your work on your blog. Frothing on your work mate. Shame I’m not back in oz to check out the gig on friday at Beach Road. Keep up the good work.

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