South Bondi erosion exposing new red rocks

Red Rock

The beaches of Sydney have copped a pounding over the past couple of weeks. All the sand at South Bondi has been ripped off the beach and dragged back out to sea exposing a series of bright red rocks that I didn’t know existed.

Today is much calmer than recent times. The past 2 weeks it’s been a search for places that can hold the rogue swells….today is a tame 3-4 foot with offshore winds all day.

Apart from a bit of rain on Wednesday this week looks relatively fine, mostly within 2-3 foot range and offshore winds. Must be a nice big High sitting above us.

Yesterday Jordy Smith won J-bay for the 2nd time in a row on his home turf. The 23 year old defeated Aussie Mick Fanning in the final with junkie surf conditions at J-Bay. Watch the final here.

Have a great week, uge

Brett Anderson, committed front side stab

Light wallkers

That'd be a nice right

Walking home

Brett Anderson back hand stabs

The new red rocks on the beach

11 thoughts on “Red Rock

  1. Uge Im at Bondi 5 days a week, and you constantly amaze me with your ability to capture the moods and majesty of it everyday. Your creativity is nothing more than a delight. Brilliant.

  2. Hey Euge, The red rocks shots are great. How did you get the shot?
    any elongated exposure in 25306?
    are you using a wider lens for 25305?
    Agree this isn’t a Bondi shot is it and reminds me of something from W.A!

  3. Hi Dooper – elongated exposure? Na bud – actually not sure what you mean by that. Yes 2 lenses, one super wide, one not so wide. Nothing tricky…to be honest I missed the sunrise and was rushing down, plonked the camera and tripod down..then took a couple snaps and moved on to get the long lenses to shoot the surfing.

    Black Cloud – yeah, I know. A criitical back hand reo by Brett Anderson – Rare for him to surf the mornings so it was nice shooting someone else. Brett rips.

    Chris and Katie – THANKS!

  4. I’ve been looking at your posts for well over a year now maybe two and again and again you amaze me! I love the red rocks shots! Seriously, good job mate.

  5. Hey Uge,

    Do you think the Red Rocks will stay or you recon council will cover them back up??

    Amazing shots, so simple but so stunning..

  6. Hey Aaron – they’re already being covered with sand…tomorrow I think you won’t see much of them. uge

  7. I wonder if the presence of a flat slab of ice had anything to do with the sand erosion at that end of the beach.
    The were definitely an interesting sight, and you captured them perfectly.

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