Gonz all powered up on organics


And so….that rain didn’t hit last night…must’ve just blown out to sea…and the swell hasn’t quite arrived yet…BUT there is still a little bump – the odd 2 footer/3 footer(ish) rideable lump in the southern corner of Bondi. A later surf would bear more fruit – as it should be bigger and better with hopefully a new incoming swell. N/NE winds all day sub 10 knots – perfect.

The weather is going to be good for a whole week. Next Tuesday is going to be 21 degrees (spring?). Unfortunately that also translates to very small surf after today/tomorrow. Fill ya boots up.

Of course our gallery is open 10am to 6pm daily, like it has been for the past 7 years. We only close on Mondays.

Adios :: uge

Steep green wall


Insight team rider, Jez Forrest

Jerome Forrest over from WA checking out our lefts


Gonz from Gould St. Organics

One thought on “Later

  1. Steep green wall actually made me groan at my desk, in Toronto, in Canada, where there are no waves :(!

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