A small day in the Mentawais, Caleb Reid


The swell is down and the wind is up from the south – a good combo to watch a whole season of Entourage and rest up – not much else to do on a boat at sea with tiny wind chop. It can’t be pumping everyday up here, we’re all surfed out anyway after 7 days of good waves.

Here’s some info about the Mentawai Islands: The Islands have a population of 70,000 (even though you barely see anyone). The Islands have 960 kilometres of coastline and are located 82 nautical miles from the nearest port, Padang which is on the island of Sumatra, Indonesia. 37 charter boats operate in the islands with 9 land-based camps (more to come). Dominant swell direction is SW-S. Water temp is a salubrious 29 degrees. Surf season goes from March to October…however you can get lucky in the offseason with a random swell and empty line up. There are over 40 surf breaks here – all reef breaks hugging 4 main islands (with plenty of tiny islands that you can kick a footie across).

We are currently on charter boat Tengirri and they’re taking bookings for a trip just like this one for 2012.

Heard it’s pretty cold and wet back home, hope you are getting waves.

Sampai Jumpa :: Uge

Jim, swimming a lap around one island…

Caleb Reid, small day hooks

Duckdivers stacked, Mentawais

Hotel Katiet, looked bigger in the brochure!

A good spot to anchor for lunch

Griggsy, laid back in the islands…

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