And I thought I had a tan...cloudy swimmer

4 to 5

Good morning…it’s neatened up a little out there and the size has held – 4-5 foot sets, not such a bad idea to slip out and score a few for yourself. The winds are fortunately a westerly and only 5 knots. Cloudy cold day, 11. Water still chilly 18.


Some good news, if you scroll down to the bottom of our update today you’ll notice we’ve got a new website sponsor joining us – yep – Corona, welcome! These partnerships will provide the support to keep generating this daily report for FREE to you all…which I think is very important. It will also give us latitude to do some new and interesting things with my photography, exotic trips, new angles etc.

bye :: uge

Nice right in the south end of Bondi this morning.

Men carrying their sticks

Long way to get to the Mentawais from here...

Gladiator Lee, returning from battle

See, there are waves today...

Skate pool rights Oi Oi Oi

4 thoughts on “4 to 5

  1. uge
    it don’t look like summer to me man. how are ya. i been drinking carona when i can and was wondering if you got Carona Familiar yet. It is in a brown bottle and it’s good i think. but i’m a lite weight any more.
    thanks for the bumps man.

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