The lone wolf paddling in between sets at Bondi 7am.

The Lone Wolf

When I travel and tell people I live and surf in Bondi they have this look of pain on their face, usually followed by “bit crowded there init?”. This makes me think back to days like these. It’s 4-5 foot, kinda clean, overcast and 1 dude out. Ok, it’s not barrelling and far from perfect but who cares – it’s all yours. If the sun was out they’d be 50 people in the water. Oh yeah, the water is chilly too. But it looks like you’re all getting over your footie-long-weekend blues. The swell will drop a foot each day of this week. Northerly winds on Thursday. That’s about it.

Caught Inside

I just watched the trailer to “Caught Inside”, a new film by director Adam Blaiklock…it’s about a surf charter gone wrong in a remote paradise. Kinda timely after sitting on a charter boat in Indonesia for the past weeks. Except we didn’t have beautiful girls running around our boat – well, ok maybe just Birdie. Launches this week. Watch Trailer Here

Adios :: ugios

The fruits of surfing on a rainy day...

Storm blowing in this morning....

Checking the empty line up at Bondi 7:00am...

Red going for a jog...

The mashup

5 thoughts on “The Lone Wolf

  1. G’day Uge,
    On a flight to London recently I recently sat next to the guy that shot the film “caught inside”. Funny dude. He was on his way to shoot a TVC for Prostate Cancer Australia, staring Dame Edna Everage. Keep your eye out for it.

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  3. thanks for supporting Dave Murrell on ya site mate..

    a good man, surfer, and artist, with a great will to live..

    101 on how to beat a brain tumor, and is testament to overcoming any obstacle..

    his site went live today.. hope everyone checks it out


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