Looks like school holidays is out - line up is very busy

The Emerald Coast

Just got off the plane and went for a dawdle down the beach. To put it plainly – it’s an AMAZING DAY outside. The water is a deep emerald colour, it’s offshore (and quite strong), there is a fun little mal riding 2 footer crumbling with the schoolies pack frothin – what more could you want? What’s with all the complaining about rain lately – What rain?

Indian Glass, an image I shot on Wednesday in Indonesia is proving very popular. I have to say I love that shot – one of my favs if not No.1. (Click here for Facebook users).

Have a good weekend, wthe Aquabumps Gallery is open 10am – 6pm alll weekend. We don’t have Indian Glass in stock but will be taking orders.

Seeya, ::uge

She looks lonely fellas...Harries musn't be on duty today.

Mister laid back...

There are waves, small ones...2ft. Real GREEN.

The emerald green waters of Bondi today - enticing

Little green number crumbling to the shoreline

The swimmers are back, summer has arrived?

20 thoughts on “The Emerald Coast

  1. Hey urge, that idian glass shot was spectactular but I’m a little curious as to how you get that pronounced out of focus/shallow depth of field effect on the 4th pic from the top. I’ve seen you use that before and it looks awsome. Please shed some light on your technic.

    1. Yep, she’s a tilt shift lens Kory. It is no secret. It’s just that for the past 3 years I’ve been asked that question most days – can’t answer it all the time, I’d fall asleep on my keyboard. ::uge

    2. haha if uge is carrying one of those around in his bag, I’ll eat my hat. And my bag. And your bag too, if it’s got a legit tilt lens in it!

      1. haha right on; eating hat, bag and other bag. Ments shots were epic, spanked another ‘daily’ photog who was there concurrently

  2. He is a Canon ambassador!! I’ll take Uge’s bag of lenses for one day 🙂
    You think he is going to be using tilt shift effect programs 😛

    1. Yeah! My brother sent that to me this morning; although I’m not sure I agree with the helicopter signature thing. You’re set apart from the others by the fact that you take consistently better photos, but that’s just my opinion – I didn’t realise you’d tried the Indo gallery – hopefully soon we’ll be seeing some ‘Lik-esque’ proliferation haha. Aquabumps in Vegas!!

  3. Hey Uge, my family lifes in Sydney, I visited them several times. This spring, I discovered aquabumps, until then, I follow the blog…cool stuff!
    So, I feel much closer to Sydney…
    xoxo from Switzerland

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