The rough waters of Bondi this morning...

Monday’s ramble

Considering the charts were showing a 1 foot prediction this morning it’s actually OK down there. I mean you can catch waves, kinda go along the face and do something (once). It’s weak, pretty wonky and overcast – but there ain’t many humans out. Max 20 degrees today, offshore all day and should get cleaner and bigger as the day progresses.

Today I’d rather be surfing in the desert on the left that just keeps on giving (Africa looks ridiculous!). Warning, you won’t get much work done after viewing that link.

:: uge

Looks better in this shot than it actually was.

The tractor cleaning up the weekend junk

The speed demons of the soft sand

Benny Buckler's Clouds

Footpath art

They call him Sharkie. He fights with sharks.

4 thoughts on “Monday’s ramble

  1. I don’t recognise the middle guy but the other two are certainly Speed Demons of the Soft Sand, Chris on the left and I don’t know the name of that friendly tall guy on the right – I see him running often and pretty sure he’s in one of your photos from the book launch. Love the large format of your Facebook photos – is that a new option for photos on Facebook?

    1. Hi Brian, the other guy is Shaun Greenblo. A very fast soft sander. Yeah I think the larger format is a new feature but it is buggy – seems to stretch my pics sometimes. uge

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