KL, mid toe drag - Bondi circa 7am

: : p u f f

This time of year you’ve probably ran out of puff looking forward gorging yourself on mamas xmas cookin’ and taking a break. I think the swell is in the same boat – lacking…weak, waist high waves broke this morning without any grunt. The high tide was so full I thought most lumps weren’t even gonna break. It could be worse, it could be raining…

Hang on, it just started pouring as I write this. At least the garden is looking good and your car is salt-free.

Good news – Xmas day should be mostly fine with 26 degrees. We may even have some Christmas swell! Hooray!

It is not too late. Nope. You can still come into the Aquabumps Gallery and we have plenty of Christmas present fodder. We are open 10-6 every day until Christmas. Rock on in.

Seeyouselater :: uge

H - setting up for the day

Show off in front of the parents

Tidal walk

This guy is happy to get in the water

Go for a dip - even if raining

Wave of the morning...hit it.

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