Bondi 6:50am Arlen fin release

w e t

You can surf in our ‘hood today. It’s small, waist to shoulder high, fat on the early tide, but rideable in the sunshine. Yes, I said sunshine. Salubrious day outside, go soak it up. Kinda strange but cool light this morning….

It’s not too late…

Ok, so you haven’t bought a single xmas present. You’ve spent the whole of December getting’ silly and neglecting your duties to spoil your loved ones with well thought out gifts. We have a solution. An easy one. If you order our giant Aquabumps Book online today (before 3:30pm), and the delivery address is within the Australia Post Next Day Network (check) – you or the recipient will get the book tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow. Or hang on, so you want artwork, if the hundreds of pieces in our Bondi Gallery ain’t what you’re thinking, you can buy gift cards online. Easy! Get busy. We’re open 10am to 6pm every day until Chrissy and you will find us at 151 Curlewis Street Bondi Beach. Call the hotline 02 9130 7788 if any questions or email us.

Ciao :: uge


Bondi 6:45am Geurs, waiting for a set

Something curvy

Claud, out for her daily ritual


This is us, The Aquabumps Gallery in Bondi - OPEN!

17 thoughts on “w e t

  1. Sunshine, decent waves…still boring. Who is that guy in the flicks from yesterday? I think his name might be Mal Hook? Do you see him down there much? I have seen him, he rips.

  2. Uge awesome colours in the Arlen picture the water colour matches his rails and the sky is reflecting on to his deck cool stuff.

  3. My workmates all looked up when I said “Wow” out loud – that first shot is stunning.
    The orange-grey clouds and the grey-blue water, and the silhouette are an amazing combo.

  4. Exceptional shots today uge …. Thanks for these and all your brilliant work and verse thruout the year, So I don’t leave you out .. Merry Christmas to you and all at Aquabumps.

  5. I loved the photos today they were awesome i love how you take photos of surfers and anyone who is at the beach i saw my dad in one of them in ‘NO SHOW’ called redefining the big board length!

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