Bondi 6:15am, The Golden Girl


These autumn mornings are great. Today was especially great because:

  1. With the recent time change my body still thinks it’s 6:30am when it’s 5:30am. You can fit a whole world of stuff in before heading to ‘work’. Also it’s not a strain to get up and see/shoot the sunrise.
  2. The sunrises are best in Autumn. I have no scientific reasoning, but they rock. The skies were sprayed with colour this morning before the sun cracked it open.
  3. The water is warm…like really warm, boardie warm.
  4. Everyone is in a very good mood when the weather is like this. We deserve it after a disappointing summer
  5. I can shoot my morning shots in 15-30 minutes. Sometimes, especially days with no waves or light, it can take 2-3 hours to shoot 7 measly shots. Today I pointed the camera in any direction and there was a good shot.
  6. The waves were fun. Not talking Marky Mathews at Solander…just small east swell bumps, 2 foot and playful. The mal riders in the middle where having a blast amongst the huge crowd chaos. Yep, no agro out there today.
  7. World Champion Longboarder Jennifer Smith was out at Bondi this morning doing her thing.
  8. Today is Tuesday and it’s a short week with Easter 4 day break coming. And this Easter will host good surf. That’s exciting.
  9. My son, Jet has completed his teething process on his 4th fang. He’s sleeping like a log. I am human again.

:: uge

World Champion Roxy team rider, Jennifer Smith

Speed Demons, Bondi around 6:00am

Po from Tuchuzy, Mid Dance

Jamie Verco in training at Kiddies Corner rights

Foot loose


9 thoughts on “Autumn

  1. I hear ya on the value of little ones sleeping, enabling us to sleep – long may it continue! Love The Golden Girl shot – great timing and composition.

  2. My office used to be in the Icebergs building (SLSA) and while I didn’t miss driving there from South Coast NSW, I do miss Bondi. Great shots, Uge.

  3. Hi Uge!
    Couldn’t agree with you more! A U T U M N rocks!
    It’s peaceful and blissful in a cool colourful way and people cruise around smiling and chilled out, the weather isn’t too hot to be flustered or too cold to be shaky, crisp and refreshing, we’re all suckers for a perfect aussie autumn! Hope all’s well in Uge land 🙂

  4. hey uge

    we’re a bunch of school kids that fill at least one class every day browsing through your photos
    todays look pretty bloody good. I was hoping when I woke up that someone would catch the orange sunrise…

    anyway, can you help us promote this event in tomorrow’s bulletin? –>

    we’re part of the earth hour “I will if you will” campaign and we need some more support.

    thanks! much appreciated if you do!

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