The Goo rights with runway cows

Radio Silence

Good morning. Sorry about the radio silence and all that.

You’ve been deprived of your Aquabumps daily dosage for a few days now and I’ve been getting some knarky emails wondering what is with my disappearance.

I am back and I am in Bali. Haven’t been back here for a little while…16 months to be exact…and my, my, things have changed. Looks like town is pushing up towards Canggu. I pulled up at Echos and barely recognised the place with the mini-westfield popping up out the back of those once decrepit Warungs. With all the fast pace development on the land, the surf was remarkably uncrowded (and good!). So many wave options with a decent swell in town. Good time of year to visit as the winds are very light. June/July/August is party season (peak) when half of Europe move in and go mad. May is good for the big storm swells grinding along Western Australia, refining themselves along the way, peeling down the Bukit and filling up all those black sand beachies. If you see a big swell hit Margaret River WA – fly here up here.

Aquabumps will be broadcasting from the island paradise for a couple of weeks. I know, so much travel lately…there is only 1 more trip for the year (next month) and then it will be all Bondi Bondi Bondi for the rest of the year. (even though most of Bondi is up here!)

Ends :: uge (Nyoman – 3rd born)

PS – yesterday one of my CF cards corrupted with a few days of shooting on it. Duh.

Under constant threat

Manly's Nick Riley, nice roundie

Aussie Adam Bennetts, lovin' the Goo

Don't be fooled, Jim's got some fancy Rolex's for 20 bucks

Shot this pic standing in a pile of cow sundae

Sunset activity, Legian

3 thoughts on “Radio Silence

  1. Echoing Lu’s comments – 9 more sleeps before I’m off to Bali (first timer also). D-day simply cannot come quick enough…

    Uge. Will try the place you suggested on Lembongan. Looks unreal!

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