The thick walls of a down south left – no one around…


We finished up late at the right to head south to a wave magnet left called Thunders. No one around…at all. Just how we like it!

The weather is perfect and the swell continues to produce. I hear another swell is due tomorrow so all the boats are heading to their favourite part of the islands in preparation.

The Mentawais are wave rich, but the people are poor. They have very little but smile continuously. You can help support them by donating to SURFAID, an Aussie born charity that supports the people of this remote area (who badly need help).

This report was beamed to you via outer space (Satellite technologies). Cool aye?

Seeya :: uge

The dunce of the class, Mark Eymes

Local villagers near Roxies

Magic carpet ride, Mentawai Islands Indonesia

A nice tube and some guy’s hand

The groms loving the lips

This is what I woke to this morning…nice left line up around Empty island

9 thoughts on “Thunderstruck

  1. last photo is a ripper.

    you make me want to shoot up some ketamine and pull pins on living….

  2. Uge, waves are making me very jelous BUT the sunset was the best I’ve ever seen this morning on the Eastern beaches!

  3. sick pics, not meaning to hijack a-bumps or anyhting but if anyone else surfed manly early this morning, how can swellnet call it 8/10? 85% of beach is closeouts, few good peaks occasionally. what are these guys on. 4-6 foot and clean does not equal 8/10.

  4. Uge, been lovin’ Mantawai week on Aquabumps. Any chance you’ve shot a bit of video on your journey?

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