Remote part of the Mentawai Islands


Another week and we’re still on the boat in Indonesia. This time we’ve gone to a really remote part of the islands, an area that I’ve never been before. The conditions have to be right before committing to motoring down here – its bit of a drive – but we’ve scored it good, real good. 4-6 foot rights that peel for 200-300 metres. Most of the time you will be surfing on your own. Doesn’t get much better than that…

I’ll be back here for sure. Some of the clearest and bluest water I’ve seen in Indonesia.

Out :: Uge

Tengirri, our charter boat in the middle of no where

Paulie, getting on the cans a little early

Grandpa Mark Eymze loving a meaty right

Mentawai Islands, runner through the trees

Empty lineup, nice set wave out the back

You take this one?

14 thoughts on “Remote

  1. Only in Indonesia. 31750 has a communications tower right in the middle of ‘nowhere’; still I’d rather be there than here… Like Mark, I am jealous!

  2. It is kind of lame how you haev to ruin it by havign someone drinking beer in the water.
    Have you taken time to think of the impact it has on the environment? And that man will end up destroying it?

  3. I’m happy the copter did not fall on me when it was hovering above at Maroubra recently! It would have been more than an aqua’bump’ on my head for sure.

  4. love these photos! Just sent my 12 year old off (From Hawaii) to Indo for a month with a team–I’m sure he is surfing those waves by now…I miss him but I’m stoked for this chance.
    Next time–I want to go too!

  5. Hey guys, i was at ht s on the 11 th and 12 th june 2012 i got some nice barrels i was staying on the island by myself and don t. Have a picture of me surfing the place.. There s one really good barrel on the 11 th afternoon , i ve got purple boardies on and a dark blue long sleeve rashie.
    You guys had a drone or something , i was wondering if you had any shots left of that trip. It was a good day and one of the barrels of the day for sure…
    I d really love ro get shots of that wave…
    Thanks …

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