Port Macquarie, Lighthouse with a mad pack of birds circling


The swell has backed right off but the Australian Surfing Festival is still running today up at Port Macquarie’s Lighthouse beach (Watonga Rocks). The short boards are now out there and they’re making the most of the trying conditions. Not many beaches along the East Coast would have a wave at all today. Lucky the Aussie titles are mobile to suit the changing conditions.

Yesterday Beau Nixon took out the Australian Stand Up Paddleboard title. The SUP sport is progressing so fast, Keahi de Aboitiz and Jackson Close pulling off aerials in the finals. Yes, aerials with all that board under your feet.

Still plenty of surfing to go down this week up at Port. Follow the action on the event site or Port Macquarie’s Facebook page.

Seeya back in Bondi, I’m coming home…relaxed…after a few days in this very chilled out town :: uge

Mikey Barber warming up on a peak up the beach

Keahi de Aboitiz pulling off an air on a SUP

Good place to kick back

Port Macquarie, 12 O'clock

Port Macquarie, Johnny O'Keefe frontside

Port Macquarie, Lighthouse Beach

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  1. I suppose there is my good friend Linton relaxing on the 4th photo (333 51). Will you buy it Linton, my old brother? Your birds are waiting for it.

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