Port Macquarie, Beau Nixon


G’day from Port Macquarie where the Australian Surf Titles are currently under away. Did you know the Aussie titles have been running since 1964? Longest running surf event in Australia. The titles cover longboarding, shortboarding, Alaia, Single fin and now Stand Up Paddles (SUP). The contest is mobile and can show up at any one of Port’s 14 surf beaches. Oh, and it’s running up to this Saturday, 25th August – just 4.5 hour drive from Sydney. Now that’s a lotta info for a Monday…

I think the waves would be head high and fun this morning in Sydney. Clean westerly winds – on the charts it looks like the best day of the week to surf. Hit it.

Enjoy :: uge

Flynn's Beach sunrise, Port Macquarie

Tail slide SUP style

Port Macquarie, SUP tube

Massive floater on SUP

20 clicks to go...

Start of the 20km marathon SUP paddle

10 thoughts on “Port

  1. Dear Uge,

    Love your work as ever, especially the recent Broome and environs colours…….

    Just a thought regarding the longest running surf event in Australia…. I would have thought the Annual Surf Life Saving Clubs Australian Titles, arguably a surfing event, which cover many more disciplines, would give the Australian Surf Titles a nudge by many decades ….

    I recall Midget winning the inaugral World Titles between the pipes at Manly in 1964… was this event also combined to be the first the Australian Surf Titles ??

    Thanks again for the ray of sunshine you deliver each morning !!

  2. Surf life saving is racing.
    Surfing is a subjective artform.
    So they are different Fash,
    & 10 out of 10 surfers will agree.

  3. I’m a school teacher and follower of Aquabumps for the last 10 years. Each day the students pick one of your photos to set as our background on the large “smartboard” screen. They look forward to seeing your photos from Bondi and beyond and remind me everyday to check the latest installment. Well you should have seen the surprise on all our faces this morning when you had pictures of our home town Port Macquarie! Great work Uge, we hope to see more pictures of our beautiful beaches.

  4. G’day Luke,

    That is unreal. Didn’t realise that people up here in Port Mac read Aquabumps. Glad the kids are into it. Hope you have a few budding little photographers in there.

    Take it easy. Great waves and beaches up here.

    cheers, uge

  5. I forgot to ask, Uge, whether the ferry still crosses the river so you can drive on up to Crescent or have they built a bridge..?

    1. Fash,

      No bridge, still using the ferry. A bridge would ruin the isolation of the beaches between Port & Crescent.


  6. Uge love your work it is always pleasing to open your mail… 🙂

    It’s a funny discussion Surfing and Surf Life Saving…..Shoredump where would you classify the 20km SUP “race”, just curious.

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