Bondi Beach 7am, morning silhouettes


One of my most loyal readers, my mother, has been getting up me about bad grammar and spelling in my daily updates. She’s disgusted at the sight of a t!ypo@1 and wonders why she spent all that money educating me. Obviously I was heavily distracted at school. I spent most of the time hiding in the dark room under the stairs. Back then, photography was dorky and no one was interested…so you could wag half a day in the dark room sniffing fixer. No one would even knock. Good times.

Today is a day to wag class, skip work, drop the groms at day care and be down the beach, drown yourself in sunlight and surf the little chest high pulses at Bondi. It is a mighty fine day out there.

Have a good weekend. Swell is coming up tomorrow.

:: uge

PS – Ma, you’ll be real proud of my new Speedo/Aquabumps boardie and swimmer range. Best ever and in store now. Just call 1800 023 807 to find nearest stockist. Lookie

Pama Davies, flying high with the seagulls

Double lippage

Bondi, Gideon Silverman body bash

Bondi 7:10am, Pama Davies dancing in the morning light

Bondi 7am, nice little wave in the corner

Bondi Biccie lady, Sarah

9 thoughts on “Wag

  1. She is right! But your turn of phrase and inspiring shots are why you have a loyal base of highly educated readers who are looking for a safe haven from the pulp and dross we read in the papers. Keep up the great work dude. Its a class act. Dom

  2. Ah! Mothers! You have to luv ’em!! (cos I am one!) We have to accept the lingo despite the $10,000s spent on education!! Keep up the great work – we love it in your old home town.

  3. Uge, another series of great images and angles today…love the wamp shot of the Silverman. He looks like he has a froth dagger about to pierce his eardrum. Keep up the good work. Howie

    1. Mr. Silverman seems a bit like one of the old deceased New England Puritans in the new animated movie “ParaNorman”. Nice photo–face, lighting, wave.

  4. Weirdest body surfing hand position I’ve ever seen. You wouldn’t be able to keep your body high on the downslide. The hand should be used as a handboard, not like a pizza cutter.

  5. Who cares about hand position….he’s having more fun than I am right now….. keep ’em coming ::uge. “Double Lippage” rocks!

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