Welcome to the desert. Jackson Creek, Eco Beach

Eco Beach

130 kilometres Southwest of Broome is Eco Beach, a unique laid back eco retreat basically in the middle of no where. Perfect for a time out. It was recently in the news for hosting the David Jones photo shoot with Miranda Kerr. Beautiful place, again, the water colours are just off the hook.

The Kimberley also has the largest population of Humpback Whales in the world. They escape the cold waters of Antarctica with their newborns, giving them a chance to grow some blubber. You don’t have to go far out to see them…loads of them about 8 clicks out.

Enough of the geography lesson. Today is the last update from Australia’s North-West. I bet you’re keen to see some surfing…next stop is Port Macquarie for the Aussie Surfing Titles…

Back home in Sydney, the weather looks great and a small, fun, chest high wave rolling into Bondi. Enjoy.

Seeya :: uge

PS – its 32 degrees here in Broome but dips to 10 degrees overnight. Desert style.

Broome, Juvenile Humpback whale checking us out

Miranda, is that you again?

The big mother whale

Best way to get to the beach, R44

Eco Beach - 32 degrees here!

Sunset twig

8 thoughts on “Eco Beach

  1. Uge are your heli shots wide angle or zoom? I can’t tell.. they’re great though.
    Also, ever come close to falling out?

    1. FF, use a variety of lens. But don’t worry really. as in places like this you can fly as high or low as you want. SO you can shoot on anything – just use the chopper to change heights.

      Falling out? thankfully no. I have a seat belt around me. good pilots don’t swing to much. seeya, uge

  2. What a hoot, these pictues are amazing especially the intensity of the colours over there in WA. You need to start a tour business, now that you have buttered us up, get us to pay up and visit.

  3. Hey Uge good stuff mate! I need to say you are a great inspiration for my life in many ways. Im from Mexico and lived in Bondi for almost one year. I surfed in the Strongbow neon night surfing event, and met you there.
    You should make a trip to the west coast in Mexico, i just made a trip and made this video https://vimeo.com/47351063, maybe it can be some sort of inspiration for you to take some good shots up in our warm consistent pacific waves!
    Keep it up!

    1. Hey Victor – Gorgeous film, well done!!!! I drove around Baja a while ago, got to get back to Mexico, so many great hidden gems.


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