South Bondi 6:20am, summer is coming...

Good times

If you find any swell, let me know. Rarely do I say this, but Bondi was unsurfable today. Pretty much flat with a shorey slappin’ on the beach.

To make up for the loss of swell the sunrise was good. Nice clear skies, no fog or early cloud smothering the sun. Can you feel it? That’s summer coming…we’re on the home straight.

I reckon 10 people said to me this morning on my morning wanderings…”gotta love this time of year”

Yes. Indeed.

The good news is that swell will arrive this weekend. South swell. I like the look of Sunday with lighter winds. Go for a roadie.

I reckon your Dad would like one of our award winning books for Sunday Father’s day. Order online here today and we will Next Day Post it to you in Australia (check if your postcode is next day here). It’s not too late…and you don’t even have to leave that chair to get it sorted.

Ciao :: uge

PS – we have a few reduced items in the gallery also

The inkworks of Arlen


Once upon a time, if I had a big night, this hussie used to shoot the shots for me. Ness.

Just going for a paddle

This is the new move. We're all doing it.

Looks like the start of warmer weather

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