Bondi retro, Curlewis Street (good street that)

Lake Bondeye

By now… after seeing an image of a building in the top spot today, you’ve realised there is no surf today.

Welcome to Lake Bondi.

This whole week has been pretty average for surfers. Thankfully the weather remains perfect. (max 22)

Surf on Sunday – looks good…that’s if you’re not hanging out with Dad.

R U O K?

We need your help for R U OK? Day! Are you free on Thursday 13 September between 6am – 8.30am? Can you get down to Bondi Beach to be part of televised launch and aerial photo shoot? Do you want to help raise awareness for the national day of action to help prevent suicide? If the answer is yes, yes, yes then please register

Seeya, :: uge

Welcome to Lake Bondeye

Let's just say, it's been better.

Le Bondi Hotel

Room with a view

C'mon Rocky

A good day to make mirrored disco balls

6 thoughts on “Lake Bondeye

  1. I love the shot and tone of the Camper van in a deserted carpark and empty beach. Now if it was an Ice Cream Van even better. Having said that I thought at first that they were Mr. Whippy cones on the back windows.

  2. Uge, love how you can make it look appealing down under even when there’s no surf. I’m in London and it’s raining!! Anyway, I released an EP yesterday that’s supposedly getting some airplay in Oz and NZ in the next few weeks (very exciting times), but it’s free and may give you something to listen to whilst the surf is flat (here’s the link:! all the best, Fraser

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