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White Bikini

I read this great New York Times article that studied the actual physical demands of surfing…interestingly, only 8% of our total time spent out in the water is actually riding waves. 54% paddling and the rest just bobbing up and down like a tea bag.

Well… looking at the conditions today, I’d dispute that study and say you’d spend around 0.2% of your total time riding waves, as its TINY. 95% would be spent sitting out the back and the rest paddling around in circles chasing the phantom dribbles that don’t seem to arrive.

It’s a great beach day nonetheless – for now. Cloud cover will increase and the forecast is for a late shower. Kinda cold with a winter maximum of 19 degrees. I was most impressed when I got down to Tamarama this morning around 5:50am…the sun wasn’t up, it was around 9 degrees and a girl paddled out in a white bikini and surfed for 1 hour. Any tougher and you’d rust lady…

Windy tomorrow, calmer and good waves on Sunday.
Wish ya Dad Happy Father’s day.

:: uge

Must be feeling it in a bikini at 9 degrees (less with wind chill)

Hiding inside

Paddle out on a cold morning

Tamarama, chilly sunrise around 6am


The Ghostrider

17 thoughts on “White Bikini

  1. Love the ghostrider Uge…you’ve the goods. I notice Sprout had a pic of Layne B in a bikini this morning as well. What is it with these gal’s making us blokes look like right wooza’s?

  2. This girl is def. not from around here.

    Try surfing in your speedos this morning for 1 hour…before the sun came up, with a SW wind off the mountains…wow.


    Have a good day, uge

  3. That lass is extreme hardcore. A few of us North Bondi Soft Sand Harriers (those great looking lads with the orange smugglers!) went for a quick dip post soft sand sesh today. Water was the coldest of the year with immediate ice headache when you dipped your melon under the water. Let alone the wind chill from that southerly that you’d get sitting on a board.

  4. Uge, it’s a tough job and somebody’s got to do it but what does Deb think about you spending an hour hanging around watching this girl in the white bikini?

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