Benvenuta Primavera

This week marks the start of spring…and hasn’t it lived up to our expectations. Today is yet another perfectly sunny, salubrious spring day. The promenade at Bondi was packed by 6:30am with joggers, dawdlers, yogies, swimmers and 4 surfers. In true spring fashion, the waves were tiny. Gone are the monster winter swells and here come the northerlies which will blow again today. Bondi had a waist high, infrequent wave on the golden left bank…swell coming on the weekend though, stand by.

In celebration of the change in weather, we’ve joined forces with our Italian buddies at Peroni (yes, Italy’s premium beer) to produce Aquabumps Spring/Summer Moments…in association with Peroni. Our first instalment in a series of short films will prove the theory that there IS actually waves that break in Italy…true. If you don’t believe me, watch this short movie that we filmed several weeks ago in the Italian Riviera. You won’t believe your eyes…special thanks to Peroni, Rob Norman, Justin Barnwell, Alessandro Dotti and Matt Brown for working on their tans (and making this film for us).

Arrivederci a presto:: Ugio

Spring scene down at Bondi 6:30am

Morning SUP.

6:30am, Bondi

Wavemaker 3000 - someone throw in 50 cents, we need it...

Good day for the mals

34 thoughts on “Benvenuta Primavera

  1. Yes unbelievable to think that you can get waves down there. It must come from the bad winds blowing around in the middle eastern wars or Egypt.
    Hey get sponsored by Moët Chandon and go and film Etreta in France.
    The swell off the English channel is unreal and the tides are large so conditions change all the time. Great cliff face too. That impressionist artists like Manet used to go and paint.
    One draw back, it’s cold water. Full steamers recommended .
    Great film. I feel like a beer

  2. Thanks Eric, yes, a good day to have a beer…will work on the Etrata France angle…haven’t been there.

    Thanks for tuning in, onya, uge

  3. Very cool video! it’s pretty strange to see my best mates that I grew up with surfing .. on a video of aquabumps… now I’m living bondi.
    Bix is a good surfer…
    Good Job 😉

  4. I remember you saying you didn’t block any comments Uge. Looks like you are having troubles allowing mine aren’t you?!? Unless I have been insulting or derogatory?
    Personnally I reckon I made my point…
    To be honest this is a little disappointing. I have been following your blog every single day for the last 7 years and bought a couple of frames at your gallery in support to your work. I understand we don’t pay for it but if we did have to pay you would probably not be so popular so it’s not an argument anymore.

    So Art or Marketing Uge?

    1. Hey Christophe,

      Been away from my desk for most of the day – so not sure what you mean. All the comments for today have been approved from what I can see so far. Sometimes people forget to hit submit…then come out with guns blazin’…dunno…sometimes they get spammed if bad language etc.

      Anyway, I am confused by your comment…paying me? argument? art? marketing? Not sure what that’s about.

      But anyway, check out the Italian video, enjoy it, see surf in Italy, summer’s coming…it’s all good…Isn’t it great that brands want to get involved and support us so we can to interesting things like send two cameramen to Italy to make a surf film – hot huh…we couldn’t do it otherwise.

      Have a good weekend, uge

      1. I know what you mean and my message was not about going on a blast behind my computer for the sake of it. My message was on pending for quite some time.
        Anyway like the NZ video it was nice and refreshing to watch until I saw the Land Rover or the Peronis all over.
        I am not a hater (and not hear to argue with you Frank or SD) I assume you let us comment to get feedback and opinions, and not only to see how much “we looove your work”.
        And you proved me right with your message.

        Have a good week end mate.


  5. Yeah Chrs what exactly would u like to achieve here?
    Maybe Uge could quit his gig & get a normal job so u wouldn’t have any free art to complain about.
    Think about more carefully & be realistic.

  6. You are being argumentative Shoredump and not constructive. No one is asking Uge to quit what he does best. I just thought he was more than a Peroni/Land Rover artist. And don’t get me wrong thats fine with me if that’s your thing SD.

  7. Haha nice ad Uge. Little hard to “swallow” though. Anyhow, glad to see somewhere else on earth has to suffer worse waves than bondi.

  8. Uge you’re a legend! It’s great that you have got sponsors to help you do what you do, shows just how clever you are. I get up at sunrise everyday rain, hail or sunshine because there really is nothing like it! Love that you also get out of bed and capture the Sun come up to share with others. Must be hard when the waves are good.

    Blown away with your photo’s particulary all the underwater shots. Makes me want to get off the computer and get wet.

    And thanks for your photo’s of me over the last week – had me in hysterics when I saw your captions today. For those that are wondering I actually own several wetsuits but love feeling the water on my skin. It’s been so beautiful out there lately I don’t even think about how cold it is until I get off the water.

    Have a wonderful weekend – looking forward to Swell Sunday 🙂 Yewwww

    Miss Antarctica ha ha
    Have a great weekend and keep up the great work.


  9. Love the video, Uge! It’s great that you get sponsers that will send you around the world to shoot pictures and videos! What a blessing. Love seeing your pictures everyday from my gray cubicle!


  10. Absolutely Beautiful…Well done! Is that really Portifino? I was up that way several years ago and had no idea that was where the surf was????


  11. Thanks for speaking your mind Chris. And yes you can like Uge’s work and still have an opinion! believe it or not…

  12. Great to see a forum where people can share their opinions positive or not so positive. I normally operate on my glass being half full as opposed to half empty and think the collaboration with Aquabumps and Peroni is brilliant and getting to see the beautiful Italian coast line with waves topped my glass up even further.

    Very clever – and yet another beautiful escape. Thanks Aquabumps (uge)

  13. I think to many people want to get in bed with uge and just want to be followers and love him for anything. I totally agree. It is a bit sad when Uge ‘buys out’ to the man. Sure its good for him, but it just seems like he is selling out and becoming ‘too cool’ for the world, and all you want to ‘keep up’.

    1. Brett,

      I think the bulk of us just appreciate his pics and the fact that they inspire us to get out and enjoy whats out there, keep up with what ?

      As for accusing him of becoming too cool for the world ….probably not even worth his time to respond, bit over the top dont you think?

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