Foetal position

Wave Maker 3000

Looks like the Wave Maker 3000 has been working overtime, the swell is here and thundering into Bondi. I saw waves well over head high but there is plenty of wobble making it hard to ride. The swell size is a little large for the left…the right looks to handle it better. Hit it.

Sad news…a 40 year old man was celebrating his birthday on Saturday night and tragically fell off the cliffs near Dover Heights. Police haven’t identified his body yet which was found by a recreational fisherman off North Bondi. SMH

All week looks good for surfing! The amazing spring weather continues – 25 degrees today.

:: uge

Festival of the Winds, Bondi on Saturday

Golden Sets, Bondi

Icebergs splash

Day off

Old Fellas Left, Bondi 7:20am


2 thoughts on “Wave Maker 3000

  1. Hey Uge foetal position great shot! bet you’d never have thought to call it that before you had a baby!! Beautiful day…

  2. > Apologies for last week Bondi – there was a technical issue with my control panel.

    > But after Uge kindly turned me ‘off’ and then ‘on’ again I am pleased to announce that we now have fully functional waves for your control.

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