Big red pickup

The Zara Lefts

It was little different down the beach this morning. The wind was blowing onshore, grey tones dominated the skies and it was all quiet. Mondays rock.

‘The Left’ was working, not many out which was a refreshing change. Boy-oh-boy it’s been busy out there…nearly as busy as the new Zara store with crazy ladies running around swinging coloured jeans above their heads. Retail on steroids. If you see my wifie in store, please send her home.

Looks like a bit of rain later today and tomorrow. Should be something to ride all week.

We’re just about to hit 60,000 on Facebook, the size of a small city. How cool is that.

Seeya :: uge

The left sans crowds.

Christian the Brazilian. Says he's injured but surfs more than anyone.

James Nash, about to head back to sunny London

Onya Brucey, I knew I'd find you our there, as always.

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