Down the line on 'The Left'


Some days we have pictures of cars, retro architecture, sunrises and pretty girls. Today we have 9, yes you heard right, 9 images of just surfing. Why? ‘Cause it is good out there.

Why 9? I think you are ready for 9. Internet speeds are improving so I can feed you more than the usual 7.

If you experience a rapid decline in download speeds of this email, then lettuce know…but we think we’re worth the wait.

It won’t always be 9. Just on the days that I have enough good stuff.

Sunny and head high now. 18 degrees in the water. NW winds. South swell. Max 21 degrees on land. Maybe a thunderstorm later.

Ciao :: u g i o

Chris Friend, silky smooth lines

Dropping into a thumping little left

Bondi 7:30am, Pama Davies and his trademark reverse

Backhand stabs - Wheels


Sam Macintosh, always good on his forehand

Pama, left bomb, Bondi 7am

Lose tails on the shorey, Wheels

7 thoughts on “9

  1. Sick second last pic of Pama, in my eyes thats such a good perspective, you can really get a feel for the intensity of staying in front of a breaking wave, well done Uge

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