Look. there are waves...


#thebondileft has been doing its thing once again this morning. Bit more #East in the #swell and looks like we may have a #righthander on our hands. #true. #iamovergoingleft so a little right shorey will be welcomed.

The #winds are coming from the SW…the #nemisisonshore will arrive later today putting some #chop in them faces.



Nice'n'hollow# just how we like it...

Simon - he's Scottish, who’d thought with a beach outfit like this

La Gosh

Awkward moment

1st shot I took this morning...

The young guns showing the old fellas (Robin) how to do it.

8 thoughts on “Hashtag#

  1. Hi Eug,

    Your shots get me through the working day and I am always happy to open up to the emails and be greeted with the amazing shots of Bondi village and beyond.


  2. hey mate, um what lens did you use for the first images you took? i love it by the way, and how did you get the clouds in the background to look so soft and bloody amazing?


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