The Bra 6:45am Blake Thornton all powered up

Bras N Things

For a change of scenery I dragged myself away from The Bondi Left and headed down to Maroubra to take a few frames of local shredder Blake Thornton.

Some nice little waves down there…a little infrequent…shoulder high with head high sets. Huge crowd up early at all beaches. At the moment you can surf 2 hours before work. Good huh.

Senor Blake’s just got back from Mexico – ava look at this little film of the trip. Surf looks amazing, never been and just put it on the list for 2013.

Hasta Luego :: Ugio

She's a bewty...

Over the handle bars

Hey mate...

Maroubra - 7am

Local grommet, Michael Hendrie

Maroubra 7:30am, Blake Thornton

Bra, 7:30am Grommet trimming

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