Chandelier bashing...Bondi 6:30am

Morning Swim

Looks like our left is starting to morph into a right. The northerlies have blown all the sand up closer to Icebergs making it close out – especially with this morning’s low tide.

Swells got a bit of East to it now. That’s not good for Bondi. Shoulder high waves today. Bigger tomorrow – a tad. The rip is mental – hard swim to get these photos.

Kelly Slater just beat Joel Parkinson in the final at Lowers taking out tour stop No.6. Machine.

Good bye for now, enjoy the weekend :: uge


The left in a rare moment of golden light...

Rough water

Nice little left nugget.

Early morning longboarding...Bondi 6:00am

Paddling against the turbo rip

4 thoughts on “Morning Swim

  1. Awesome shots today mate. Love the rough water! Feel like these are a bit different your more recent shots? To the gallery! 😉

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