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Quirky bondi

As we draw closer to summer I’ve noticed a few things around the ‘hood:

• More people are up for the early. It’s not just me and a handful of surfers. Bootie camps are packed getting the rig ready for bright light.
• People get boozed and pass out on the beach…always entertaining where they end up.
• Parking is an endangered species.
• The waves tend to get a lot smaller and that north wind blows
• My lens points to more of the quirks around here as the waves take a back seat.

The waves today are terrible. Worst in weeks. It is going to be warm, 29 degrees though and rain tonight.

Have a great long weekend, please note the Aquabumps Gallery will be shut on Monday public holiday.

:: yooj

Big H and Keiron Lewis setting up for the day

We water our concrete here in Bondi and watch it grow

Hoot Hoot! A wave.

I can think of quieter places to sleep the night

Taking the rubbish out

The dancing girl at South Bondi

6 thoughts on “Quirky bondi

  1. I love the dancing girl at South Bondi! I’ve missed her, so good to see she’s back. I’ve been working on my moves and I’m almost ready to join her 🙂

  2. She honestly makes my day. People jogging (including me) always look a little angry and in pain but she is always having a ball.
    Let’s practice over the weekend.

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