Bondi 7:45am Pama Davies flying high


After watching Red Bull’s new surfing movie last night starring Jordy Smith (Bending Colours), I was all pumped up to shoot some high performance surfing today. The conditions were lacking at Bondi, weak and waist to shoulder high – not ideal. The skies are filled with threatening rain clouds – making it dark and needing to shoot in the high ISO’s. Also, couldn’t see the solar eclipse with all that cloud cover dammit. Had visions of shooting Pama in the air with an eclipse behind him. (I’ll keep working on that one – bit like the ET cover)

As you can see I don’t have much else to write about today – so as you were :: uge


Pama Davies, frontside

Maddy Davies

She's always watchin'


Young blood showing the old boys how to do it....

8 thoughts on “Eclipse

  1. OMG look at Pama and Maddy rip those waves I’m so impressed…they were ankle biters when I last saw them. Dee from Bondi (friends of the Barreto family)

    1. you didn’t really understand the comment did ya Dee, it was in response to last photo, not your comment. thats cool.

  2. That little bloke drops in on everyone and anyone.
    Tell him about the “Duke”, the “Lord”, “OXhead” and remind him that there was a time that he would have been seriously punched in the head more than a few times by now.
    Being a good surfer does not stop you from being known as a Dickhead.
    Gabriel Medina, great surfer, destined to be a world champion is going to have to improve a lot as a bloke not to be better known as a King Size Dickhead. He’s up against it because he’s Brazilian.
    Our little mate Davies is from Bondi and we try not to breed Dickheads.
    Pull your socks up Davies and melt in, don’t drop in.
    That caption should read “Young blood dropping in”

      1. Dont be silly Jesse… you surf?? If you do then you know droppin in consistently is the mark of an absolute d*ckhead and ruins it for eveyrone else… not that I would expect half the readers of this blog to know what that means

    1. Don’t let a drop in ruin your day X guess what Luke missed dropped in on me on this wave as a matter of fact I went past him so I’m guessing after this comment you’ve never dropped in on anyone

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