Bondi 6:00am, surfable, windy best right up in the corner


I think today’s Aquabumps daily slice will hit your inbox before you even get into work. Early! We’re a well-oiled machine here at Aquabumps today. Just this once so don’t get used to it.

The best word to describe today is windy. Whole 25 knots of southerly is tearing through Sydney at the moment and making a mess of things. The surf look windblown and waist high. You can surf it, but surely you’ve got things to do.

Much cooler today – 22. The winds will kink around to the SE which will make it worse…

Head down, crank the work out :: uge

Jump in!


Sitting down on the job

Girls going for it.

See, windy. 25 knots of it

Simon says, hands on ya head

Corner blast

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