Very early and a lone Kombi in the Bondi car park

The Kombi and Me

I reckon I’m turning into an insomniac after shooting at sunrise for over 13 years. 4:50am I was up today, waiting for some light down the beach. Didn’t really know what to do with myself…the sunrise was a bit of a fizzer and 20 knots of onshore made sure there were no waves. Well, no waves I’d like to ride. It was just me and this Kombi…hanging in the car park. Waiting for something to happen. I even think someone was inside sleeping in this Kombi.

The good news is that this wind is predicted to drop off this afternoon. You know what that means. Maybe some better waves.

Big Dion has got Buckie the dog back. Hooray. The big fella is happy. Phew. The big fella is also a very talented artist working in metal. Very talented. I’m saving up for one of his works. This Thursday night, 22 Nov, Dion opens his new exhibition of works called A T O M I C W I N G S @ Gallery 2010, 69 Reservoir Street Surry Hills T: 8218 2100 more

Seeeyouselaterhonkies :: uge

Ray of light and a pack of gulls

Bondi 6:00am, onshore galore

This is what 100 mil looks like

Ravesis Corner since 1914

12 thoughts on “The Kombi and Me

  1. Much prefer the look of Ravesi’s over the monstrosity in the other photo. When Bondi no longer has any of the older beautiful bulidings, it will be time to move elsewhere!!

  2. nah i disagree, i think bondi needs more beautiful developments such as that. pacific down the road is an even better example

  3. its tuesday, is it big? thought it was going to be big today, didn’t seem big, maybe its big somewhere, not big here.

    1. Forecasting isn’t a exact science Billy. I wish it was. ANd I wish I forecasted that 100 million lotto the other day.

      It’s much bigger today though.

  4. The Ravesi family came from Santa Marina, Salina and the building was built to house the family and the family business, you guessed it a fruit shop. You have had photos of the blue art deco building at the terminus which was built by Bob Donato senior who also hailed from Santa Marina, Salina another prominent fruit shop man who owned Deluca’s in King Street in the city. The older Bondi crew would remember a lot of fruit shops around the traps, the Tesoriero family from Panarea also in the Eolian Islands had shops in Bondi Road, Hall Street and Blair Street. The Sarcasmo Brothers From Lingua, Salina of Duffy Brothers Maroubra fame started their career at the Terminus on the corner of Brighton Blvd where a cafe is now thriving. A couple of the Sarcasmo brothers are still flogging fruit at the cafe in Belgrade Street, Bronte. I should mention my own father and mother from Filicudi bought the fruit shop on the corner of Blair and Wairoa in 1960 from the Tesorieros. The Favaloro, the Rando families the list goes on.The recurring theme is they were all from the Eolian Islands off Sicily in the Mediterranean. Great place to visit but I must warn you, NO SURF. People who lived day and night around the sea. I guess for these migrants Bondi had an attraction. The smell of the ocean and a chance to prosper, now that’s a beautiful blend. Dee mentioned milk bars, now they were run by Greeks, also island people. Australia is such a beautiful island, the difference is we have an abundance of waves. We are blessed!

    1. Aldo – Did you know our family? I am Maria Ravesi – my parents Bob and Angelina Ravesi ran the milk bar at Ravesi’s Corner after my granddad (Antonino) retired. I was born and raised at Bondi Beach, but now live on the other side of the Harbour. Certainly miss those waves and the beauty of Bondi. Just came across this Website. Thank you Aquabumps for the great site and pics. It certainly brings back memories of that magnificent beach! And the Milk Bars! And those great ‘Nick the Greek’ hamburgers!

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