Drop me wallet down there somewhere


FINALLY we’ve got some waves worth writing about. Similar to Hawaii it’s only knee to waist high waves but surfable.

Hope you got down there early before this no-good easterly wind picks up. 25 degrees with a possible shower.

Swell will vanish tonight and Friday/Saturday is shall return.

Pipeline Masters probably off until Friday/Saturday.

If you’re sitting in London and want our book sent to you in time for Christmas. Yes we can do it! Order today and it will arrive December 21 via Fedex. Chop chop.

Seeya, :: uge

This homeless guy stole a board and caught some waves today. Angus Mclean

Vera on the loose. Bondi 7:00am

Bondi 6:00am Close to shore, early, t'was good fun

Looks like Herbie got a new shipment of mini mals, line up gonna packed

Bondi Rescue

Duncan finding the shorey

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