Walk the plank


Good morning. The weather can’t seem to make its mind up today. At sunrise it was all golden and warm…looking to be a good beach day. Then it rained on and off around 4 times in 1 hour. Now it seems we’re settling into a grey one – damp. Winds are NE and the surf is clean, but really small. After a fun filled surf weekend it’s now knee to waist high.

There is a really big swell arriving this Friday – now that’s exciting.

Seeya, : :uge


Golden light early today, bit like Friday's sunrise

Best wave down at Bondi today

Bondi 7:00am Waves that go no where...

Alex Kiss

1st light fishing

Rain or sun - which is it?

Claude, doesn't miss a day

16 thoughts on “C O N F U S E D

  1. charlotte is defenately photoshopped u cant see her feet and its a different colour to her surroundings
    why would you photo shop uge?

    1. How can u say that’s why it’s been photoshopped???? If u look in the forground u can see the sand bar & the change in focus because he has obviously taken it from a distance, zoomed in & the sand drops away between him & her giving the impression her feet r in the sand….No Photoshopping in that regard….??????

    2. Crikey Edy…that is not her foot. that is sand, as in a bump in the sand hiding her foot (hence colour change)

      I hear OPSM have great deal on glasses at the moment! ha!

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