Tyler Atkins, Bondi 7am, wings flappin' in the breeze


Howdy. Some really fun waves down at Bondi this morning. It’s killing me being inside now…

Yesterday we were blessed with some of the best waves I’ve seen in ages. Nice surprise swell wasn’t it?

So today you’ve all filled your wave quotas and keen to watch some Quiky pro action which is about to start.

Have a great week…some fun waves throughout the week.

Cheers, uge

Kirstin soaking up the rich morning hues, Bondi 6:45am

Home. Bondi

Bent water

Paddle out

Sage, nice right


Alan Weetch keen to get out the back

Tyler Atkins, eyes on the next section

16 thoughts on “G O O D T I M E S

  1. Wow.. you serious?! Picture nº1 goes straight to my aquabums top 10 of all times! Picture nº2 is def a top 100!!

    You should put a picture rating modules on your site to actually survey reader’s opinion. Ever thought of that?

    Amazing shoot today!

    Ps: last pic looks like Mel Gibson meet Tarzan (no offense intended!)

    Happy day all : )

  2. Agree wtih the above, the first photo is amazing!!! Tyler should have that on his wall.
    Thanks for another great set of pics to brighten my day at work, now if only I could find a job where I’m not looking at those images at a desk…..

  3. Hey, thanks everyone for the good comments on today’s 1st shot.

    I really like the vibe in that shot as well…hope tyler gets a copy.

    CHeers, uge

  4. Agree with the comments today a couple of pearlers for a Monday, may I suggest Pic 1 (relabel) Tyler using the new hover board to get out the back. Great work

  5. credit when it’s due – today’s shots were sick (albeit 2 was cheezy and 3 boring). Still, good stuff!

    1. Wow, tough Tilly! boring and cheezy but got lucky with 1? thanks for the feedback – will work harder for you. uge

  6. Keep up the great work Uge! I particularly loved picture 2 (and 3 for that matter). Goes to show you can’t please all the people all the time 🙂 Have a fab day and keep them coming! Ps. I bought your Lone Swimmer picture from a frame shop on the weekend in Brissy and it now sits pride of place in the lounge.

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