Bali, this is why we come here...


Sorry about my recent radio silence. I’m in Bali and wanted to take a few days off shooting and catch a few waves for myself. There’s always waves here, it’s small at the moment but the swell magnets have a lil’ sumpin. Even when you’re not surfing there is so much to do, buy, drink or eat.

We have been to Bali many times together; I’d have a stab at 10. Every year I come back to Bali I am blown away with how fast the changes take place. A row of shops grow out of a rice paddy, huge hotels shadow Mount Agung before you can say Tear-Out-My-Car-Seat (that’s ‘thank you’ in Indonesian). Remote surf breaks now have car parks, bars and you can step out of your 30 degree swimming pool into a tube. Things move fast here…but it’s still a beautiful place to visit and surf for all.

Happy Easter. Our Aquabumps Gallery is CLOSED Good Friday and Monday, but open over the weekend (Saturday + Sunday)

:: Uge

PS – I’m staying in a very fancy villa in Seminyak (across road from Ku De Ta). Villa Lulito is offering our readers 10% off if you mention AQUABUMPS and you will not be disappointed.

Get the Duck out of here...

Bali, early morning right hooks

How about this kook from Bondi. Thanks for the new yellow boards Gunter!

Motorbike rights, just a little river mouth coverup

Low tide reflections, Bali

The left

2nd best way to finish a day here in Bali

The best way to finish a day here in Bali, cold beer at Ku De Ta

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    1. Ha, thanks Luke. My surfing has been going backwards ever since I started taking surf photos…but I get out there every now and then

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