Legian Beach Bali wave reflections on low tide


Howdy, we’re still in Bali and the surf is small and I’m not keen on driving all over this island. So let’s talk about other stuff.

The number 1 question asked is what camera I use? Canons – shiny ones. The 2nd most frequently asked question is what to do and where to stay at Bali. Below are some of my DO’s and DON’Ts in Bali. Just my opinions, you may have a totally different experience to me…please feel free to add your own Bali places of interest and experiences here.


Dinner at restaurant Metis. The best culinary experience on the island in my mind and fairly priced for the quality of food and service. Also do an amazing lunch for 9 bones. Other good eateries: Lilin at Potato Head (spicy tapas – off the hook) – in fact anything at Potato Head beach club is amazing especially a drink at sunset. Also try Sarong, Mama San, Sardine, Treatro for a good dinner. If you’re a Java addict, I’ve only found one decent place after The Corner Store burnt down – Revolver Café, hidden out the back of some Boutiques along Jalan Oberoi, it’s as good as you get in Oz. The coffee everywhere else taste like dishwater with some weird carcinogenic foam on top. Stay at Villa Lulito in Seminyak – it’s truly amazing and cheaper than any hotel if there is a small group of you (say 8 adults). The Legian (GMH operated one – don’t mistake with the other one closer to Kuta) is also my faves. Yeah I know, pretty $$$ pricey but so worth every cent with excellent service and location. Even got a tube surfing out the front of it 2 days ago (Rare). They’ve just opened up night surfing at the Kommune at Keramis – big custom made light towers illuminate the best wave on the island…hot…keeps the crowds down. The Bondi Bucket List boys have just opened up a new fun joint here in Seminyak, Motel Mexicola – worth a drink on a big night. If you’re after good value for money in a good clean hotel, Semara is great (approx. $120-$150 per night) or try the KoKonut Suites.


Plait your hair (especially if you’re a bloke). Don’t do it as you’ll look like a freak. Don’t stay at the Anantara Hotel in Seminyak. It is one of the most overpriced; run down crappy hotels I’ve ever stayed at. Don’t ride a motor bike down a one way street without your shirt, no shoes, no helmet, no idea after 24 Bintangs screaming Aussie Aussie Aussie! Don’t swim at Legian/Seminyak with an incoming high tide and no offshore winds. It’s just heartbreaking how much pollution and rubbish is floating around in the water. You can barely paddle thru all the plastic bags and sometimes strange fluoro yellow froth appears at the river mouths, usually where the best waves are found but you’ll get sick for sure. Don’t pay 1 mil for a massage on the beach ($100AUD). That’s what they start at. They’ll take 10% of that. For so many years Ku De Ta would have been on my MUST DOs…but seriously, it’s now so expensive (more than Sydney prices – $16AUD for a decent drink), packed, grimy and looking pretty untidy. Potato Head is a much better option for beach front drinks and dining.

Didn’t make it to the Bukit this trip…there are so many other areas to Bali, you can do 3 totally different trips here. This one was mainly fine dining and hanging around the busy part.

Sampai jumpa lagi – back in Bondi tomorrow : : U g e

The Gu rights, love that joint

Surely I'll be able to get one of these through customs

Maybe don't eat from these carts, you probably won't be able to stomach it

Low tide reflections, Legian, Bali

Sunset swimmer, Legian, Bali

Looks like a scene out of EAT LOVE PRAY

The way they parent their kids here is inspirational

Jet likes it here.

12 thoughts on “G E T A W A Y

  1. Love ya stuff . Photo 1 is great. Ku de ta – in your first Bali post u gave it a wrap! Anyone knows its crap, always has been. Why go overseas to hang with bondi hipsters???? Glad u seen the light uge….

  2. New Beach Club further north up at Batu Beilig is Mosaic – bit more refined than Potato Head and not as expensive as Ku De Ta. Great food and top service run by lovely lady from Newcastle called Rebecca.
    really worth a visit

  3. Really like the photos! Look forward to a few from Uluwatu next?
    I would also like to recommend “The Gong” as a great
    place for surfers that want a relaxed place to stay for a few days run by a freindly Ballinese family, worth staying a night or two.
    See blog about Bali here: http://wereonthewaythere.blogspot.com

  4. Just arrived back from Seminyak and had one of those dirty surfs! Was my first time to Bali and was dead keen to get in the water. I’m ok…for now…Also surfed Padang Padang but was very small.

    Mentawais next!

  5. All good recommendations!

    And liked the don’t part just as much…:-)

    If your keen on doing a boat trip and get away from the crew on Bali check out this new operation; http://www.shakasurfcharters.com it a bit more expensive but the comfort is pretty cool.

    love Bali and always will…

    1. Agree totally…Anomali Coffee is a great place for a coffee and a bite to eat.. Just arrived back from a beautiful 9 days in Seminyak.. love love love …

  6. Never see kuta sands as good in your photos! my fave bali sanctuary wud be eastern bali and swim on a hidden cove of padang bay. And if you enjoy spicy food, theres one traditional fish satay meal in pesinggahan on the way there. For ubud, dirty duck meal is always good.

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