North Bondi boat ramp


Good morning… I am back in Bondi and it hasn’t stopped raining. Well, we’ve had a great run of weather lately haven’t we? Nice day to stay inside and get some work done.

Swell has come up from the south and so has the south wind. It’s about 3 foot and should get bigger later today, but onshore and pretty ugly stuff.

Here’s some pics from recent days that I haven’t shown you yet…good to give ’em some air time.

Doctor Bob (Aka Doctor Rip) is doing a survey of surfers to see how many of you rescue people in the water whilst ya’surfing. Go here

Ciao :: uge

Colour veins


Couple of weeks ago we had a very good run of sunrises

Water movement

Rinse Cycle

Hawaiian underwater playground

Something curvy

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