South Bondi 7:45am, nice air


I spent the morning hiding from the rain in a cave at South Bondi. It poured…and poured.

The great news is that there are fun waves in the head high + range. Grey weather makes for no crowds…best time to surf Bondi.

It was pretty wonky…but you might score a few fun ones.

Wind is ENE around 10 knots and the tide is coming in.

Steep decline in swell from here and not much on the horizon so I would make the most of it!

Seeya : : uge

Rainy day swimmer cam (water is still 24 degrees - warm!)

Cave crab

Looks like I am not the only cave man this morning (hi Derek)

Jono, backhand

Here I am, shooting my daily photos...yes, I'm a woman

Bring your umbrella to the beach today

Bondi, overcast rights...nice

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