Walking on water...


It’s Friday and the swell is dropping just in time for the weekend. It’s still rideable and chest to head high on sets. The NW (6kn) winds have really cleaned the place up and the new banks are working a treat. After all that rain I reckon the south drain pumps out some sand into just the right spot. Bingo!

Unfortunately today is the best day to surf in the next 5 -6. Large crowd this morning refusing to go to work and bleed this pulse dry…pretty sure it will be all gone by night fall.

Good to see some sunshine this morning. It’s only temporary though.

Cheers : : y o o j

Luke Dennett, Bondi 8am

Luke Kennedy loves a backhand Bondi tube

Luke Kennedy doesn't mind dropping in either...

Good light can even make a close out look realy purdy

Eric Bana surfs? Na, local shaper Andrew Harris

White fluff

Sam and a whole lotta white water, Bondi 7:34am

Nice right in the south of Bondi 8am

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  1. great shots Uge – finding interesting perspectives and constantly amazing images everyday is not easy..hats off!!

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