Surf Boat training for the Aussie Titles

B A T H t i m e

Today is the third day in a row of Sydney flatness. It’s about now we get a little cranky – I feel your pain. We need some swell. Pray. Some will arrive on Saturday, but that’s too far away. This time of year typically hosts big roaring swells that slab into town. Couldn’t get any further from that.

Look on the bright side…the weather is the best and the water is warm like a bath.

A lot of people ask me how I manage to rattle out of bed before sunrise everyday…well, it must be my healthy diet of fresh vege’s delivered to my door direct from Flemington Markets by FruitmanSam. Bronte local, Gav aka FruitManSam, is offering a free box to Aquabumps punters if you buy 5. True. Call him, 0420 906 061 or visit webby

See you tomorrow, uge

Martin Simich, securing the perimeter

The only wave to surf this morning

Water wall

Girl talk

Imagine backing into this cave, if only

Someone's cranking out the hot chips a little early today

Hi my name is Surge

Paddle out in baking sunshine

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