Miss Antarctica walking on water


It takes a very flat day to score an empty line up down at Bondi. I reckon 350 out of 365 days a year we have a hungry pack scouring for waves, no matter how big it is.

I can confirm it’s unsurfable, grey and windless down the beach right now.

A 7am rain squall emptied the busy beach. Probably the quietest morning I’ve seen down there this year so far.

We are all pretty busy these days, on the 20th April take a day out for yourself…it’s called “The Greatest Gift…” day…its being held at Mosman Art Gallery & Community Centre. More

Take it easy : : u g e

Someone forgot their board

Flatness...don't even bother bringing the board down

There's that North Bondi UFO landing again

He's a little different. Harries

Oil slick

Double rainbow (7:10am)

Good old Icebergs.

8 thoughts on “L E V E L

  1. Uge, can you please clear something up for me. My colleague is adamant that today’s Miss Antarctica pic is photoshopped. I reckon that ain’t your style so can you confirm it isn’t and win me lunch tomorrow?

    1. No photochop buddy…

      The SUP she’s standing on is just down behind a wave hidden from my view.

      Buy me lunch too

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