Bondi 7am, now ya talking, more of these waves please.

Circle Work

I went for a dawn swim with my camera and spent most of my time being dragged around in rip circles. Bondi is kinda tricky to shoot when it’s like this. A lot of water moving and hook ups with surfers are rare.

The waves looked OK and within the 3-4 foot bloodline. So much wonkiness though…I’d go for a drive somewhere else.

Small surf conditions for the next few days but something cooking for the weekend.

Ever heard of crew like Sam Mac (Stab), Aaron Rose (Alleged Gallery), Saturdays Surf (NYC), Beastman? Well they’re just some of the amazing speakers at the Semi-Permanent conference on May 24/25 (which just happens to be in its 11th year I might add – I can still remember their first one). Our friends at Semi-Perm are offering 10% off tickets to our lovely Aquabumps readers. Cool aye? I know most of you work in the creative field – so check it. Just use “SPLOVESAQUABUMPS” when buy tix online.

Seeya : : u g e

Shift change, Bondi


Sam riding the foam


Push thru

3 foot right

If you see Cosmic Luke surfing towards you like this - run!


5 thoughts on “Circle Work

  1. Heh Uge

    I thought your banner photo on Fluoro Friday was one of your best ever (and I’ve been getting the email for years).

    Keep up the good work (and lifestyle!).


  2. Is that the famous ex-pro surfer and celebrity home furnishings salesman Mark Lewinsohn in the last shot?

  3. Push thru is SIIIIIIICK!!!!!
    wishing there were waved in Toronto I could look at, guess I’ll have to settle for my morning dose of AB.

    Keep it up.

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