May 4th 2013, Saturday all lit up


Did you see the sunrise on Saturday down at Bondi? Wow. One of those special ones where the right ingredients all came together and the sky was a blaze.

Bondi is at its best when it’s not perfect, overcast, random and when it’s a Monday. At first glance it looks pretty average surfwise this morning. Wonky peaks wobbled on two distinct banks. Every now and then a nice one rolled in…so I guess you just have to be patient. It’s around 3-4 foot…which is about all Bondi can handle before closing out – so I’m feeling the urge to paddle out.

This week shows no major swells on the forecast. Mostly sub 3 footers. You’ll be able to surf, probably not get barreled unless you’re age 7. This Thursday and Sunday look like warm sunny beach days…the rest will be partly cloudy. Quite cold this morning, my phone reminded me it was 11 degrees as I rode the pushie down the hill. Still warmer in the water…

Have a great week. Mother’s Day this Sunday. If you order her an Aquabumps book today we’ll next day post it to ya…

Seeya : : u g e

Icebergs looking good in pink

Set wave on the left, nice grinds (good to see it's on a Gunter Rohn)

Not a lot wrong with this one, the sun even came out for it

May the 4th, those streaks are from the tractor

Sage - committed.

Bernie Crows likes to shower with his board, and looks to be enjoying it

See, sets have some meat

Slow chubby right in the middle...

A mal takes off as a cyclist powers up the hill

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