Bondi 7:00am morning wave in 24 carat gold


We’ve been spoiled recently with such inviting beach conditions. The air is cooler, but the water remains a salubrious bath temp. It’s just a pleasure to swim around in the mornings. The claws of winter are creeping closer, so enjoy this time…Autumn time is the best.

Waves – much smaller today, and fat. Waistline to chest hairs range. Swell coming on Sunday/Monday.

At ease : : u g e

Sam, cheek to the wall, crawling into a shorey tube

Luke Mussett, rips on anything

Sam tucking under the lip out of the morning sun

Nice 3rd ramp rights

I am always scared of people surfing in helmets...

Julia pulling a wheelie

Good weather brings big crowds

The girls heading out.

14 thoughts on “T R I P D I P

  1. Although I love the drama you bring from far shores – for me this might be the best set ever!

    Cheers, Mate

  2. that guy in the helmet was truly fear inspiring this morning. i was hoping he would knock him self out with that gigantic boat of a surfboard he was attempting to surf on….

  3. I’m offended there is no swimmercam……way to many surf photos and not enough of the life on the beach.

    Even better, take the comment section away and just enjoy the images…..that’s what we come here for.

    Keep it real.

    Signed anti-Harry

  4. Hey uGe GREAT photos as always !! But!! There is no watermark!! Can you get the full resolution photos of the website because if so someone could be stealing your photos! Haha haing a bit of trouble with the water mark?

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