Bondi 7:00 Joel The Pilgrim on his head

Frivolous Friday

Its real pretty down the beach, just lacking waves.

Waist-high-shorey is all you’ll find. Nice light and glassy conditions as there is no wind.
Have I mentioned how much I love Autumn?

Felt cold before the sun came up, but we’re fine now with 23.

The OneWave Crew were out in force, up to their usual antics…Fluoro, fun and Friday….

Mother’s Day is Sunday. Don’t forget. Come see us in the gallery if you get stuck for present ideas.

:: uge

Jasper Galmes, diving for crayfish

Morning slide

One Wave Team Wave

Bondi colour

Joel, sitting down on the job


Grant, the surf coach

Jasper Galmes, rail grab

8 thoughts on “Frivolous Friday

  1. i look so cheesy in the last photo (jasper gales, rail grab) and sorry uge but my last name is actually wilde but its ok just for future

    1. Hey Jasper, it’s a cool, photo I’d be stoked with it!
      Kinda funny how you look as if you’re having a serious talk with someone though

    1. Major understatement Sam – try Sensational rather than cute. Without attempting to upset the female audience

  2. as so artfully depicted, the week started with waves on Monday, and surfing.. then as the swell subsided over the course of the week the freakshow swiftly rose to the fore.

    meanwhile, for that stalky, creepy weirdness.. see comments. zoiks!

    pray for waves.

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