Luke Daniels, exploding through the lip


There is a little, fun, flimsy wave on. It will only be found at beaches that face East…like Maroubra, Manly etc. You won’t find any joy at Bondi.

The main show is tomorrow when the swell jacks right up above our heads. So maybe rest, recuperate and soak up these glorious winter rayz until then.

I’ve been busy lately organising my 2014 Mentawai charter. The time is nigh…Have you booked one? Go here and pick your dates for next year. Oh, and there is a few discounted late season 2013 trips left if you are feeling the pinch on the daily grind and want to get barreled.

: : u g e

Monty Tait, about to hit reverse

Monty, going places...NSW state champ

Luke Daniels pop air

See, Maroubra had all the fruit this morning

Perth Standlick, looking for his wallet in the foam

Lukey D, powering off the bottom

Monty @ Maroubra

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