Monty Tait...showing promise

C O D E – R E D

Today is one of those days where you should spend less time reading my dribble and get down the beach…

It’s pumping…proper.

I saw waves this morning around the 4-5 foot mark. This East swell sure has some fruit on it and is only getting better – and bigger. Oh, did I mention it is offshore as well? Yes, your stars have aligned friend. Nice sunrise to start the party as well.

So I’ve mortgaged the house, got Jet working in a Chinese sweatshop and loaded the credit card after 3 months of gruelling renovations to the one and only AQUABUMPS GALLERY. I’m very proud of how my little mechanics driveway now looks…so come by, check it out. The showroom has now doubled in size and is as slick as a Hermes flagship store – thanks to the talented Kelvin Ho and Andy Cliffe.

Then as you walk down our 40 metre showroom you will enter the Amazon…a lush garden where you can lose your children in, designed by the fruity William Dangar. Where? 151 Curlewis Street Bondi Beach NSW 2026 Telephone 9130 7788 – and no…I’m not putting in a damn café peeps!

O u t : : u g e

Morning people see all the best light

Blake Thornton, owning it.

Clifftop fishing at Mackenzie's, Tamarama

Sets grinding into South Maroubra...

Maroubra, middles...

South Maroubra chunk

Mal rider breaking the sound barrier

8 thoughts on “C O D E – R E D

  1. Agreed on the Cafe Uge…. but a couple taps with cold beer… get the punters tipsy…. buy more prints…. just saying…

  2. Hey Uge,

    “Maroubra, middles…”

    assuming you took more photos of this ride, how can i see more of em? I’m trying to work out who the fella is… i have a theory..

    ps. hope you got out there on a board today.

  3. courtyard looks fantastic,first time here 09/09/2013. You have been the inspiration for my son who has know started his own little buisness on the sunshine coast.(Liquid Movement)


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